The Voices of Women of Color

There are those that talk about it and there are those that “be” about it.
I’m talking about change. A change for the better.

Many of us will step outside and simply compose questions….like, “Why aren’t community leaders doing more? Why isn’t my child getting a better education? Where do I get the opportunity to develop leadership skills? When will leaders do something about Public Health? Why don’t more people know how important it is to vote? Why aren’t there more employment opportunities?

Not so many will ask the same questions and create solutions. Some are men…and some are women.

I’m honored to know a group of women that create solutions in their communities when everyday life makes us all ask the same questions. The Voices of Women of Color.

Almost five years ago, I met two women that founded the organization (Janice Flemming and Terese Walker) and they entrusted me with the task of creating the visual identity and helping to build the brand. As professionals, they wanted to be seen as such and have it reflected in their connections to the public. Their strength and diversity needed to be communicated effectively and I welcomed the opportunity.

Not only have we cultivated friendships, but out of all the work we have established a lasting business relationship of which I am very proud. Here is a look back at some of the work to build and reinforce that brand. – judahOne
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